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Creating champions, changing lives, and empowering people through fitness.


Owners Brandon and Kerigan Guillen are a husband and wife coaching duo based in Houston, TX. They started HH with a simple goal in mind - to create champions, change lives, and empower people through fitness. Coming from 8 and 6 years of experience respectively, they merged their individual teams in 2020 to create HUSTL HRDR. Since then they have coached over 1000 clients across 9 different countries, added coaches of various backgrounds and experience, and have created a thriving community and culture beyond their roster.

brandon guillen

kerigan pike guillen

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• IFBB Bodybuilding Pro
• Earned pro card at 2017 NPC Nationals in Miami, FL
• Grew up in Sugarland, TX
• 8 years of coaching experience
• Hard ass and stingy with compliments
• Head Coach

• IFBB Bikini Pro
• Earned pro card at 2021 NPC Jr. Nationals in Chattanooga, TN
• Grew up in Houston, TX
• 6 years of coaching experience
• Looks 12 but thinks 40
• Coach, CEO, Stage Mom

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Towards the end of college after a decade of softball and a life changing back injury, Kerigan was itching for a competitive outlet. The bodybuilding world fell into her lap first as an aesthetic goal, but quickly turned into a passion and lifestyle. After starting her own coaching in 2017, it spread like a wildfire and later was 1/2 of HUSTL HRDR. Whether lifestyle client or competitor, teaching, pushing, and guiding anyone who will put aside their excuses and strive to be the hardest worker in the room is her mission and passion.

After deciding that engineering was not the correct career path, Brandon decided to pursue his passion in nutrition. He found himself helping close friends prepare for shows and then took the jump to become a full time online coach. Since then Brandon has coached multiple athletes to their IFBB Pro cards and continues to perform at the highest level for his clients. Though the competitor side is a big part of what he specializes in, he is more than happy to be a part of any individual’s fitness journey no matter the background. 

Mackenzie Vance is a former dancer turned competitive bodybuilder. After a 70lb weight loss transformation and finding a newfound love for weight training, it just clicked. Years later Mackenzie has coached hundreds of clients all with the same goal in mind - build sustainable, long-term habits and build self confidence by doing the hard sh*t. 

• NPC Wellness Competitor
• 3 years of coaching experience
• Coach, competitor, will yell at you to get your sh*t done on TikTok


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Growing up as a competitive volleyball player, Kayla has always had a passion for health and fitness. After taking her volleyball career to the collegiate level, she quickly realized she wanted to pursue fitness on her own and leave the court behind. Kayla began competing in August of 2020, and has since moved on to earning her IFBB Bikini Pro card in July, 2021.

Through her experience as an athlete, student, and bodybuilder, she has developed effective tools and methods that allow her clients to reach their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. As much as she loves training for herself, showing others how to build confidence and strength through fitness is something she has an even greater passion for.

• IFBB Bikini Pro (est. 2021)
• Earned pro card at 2021 NPC USAs in Phoenix, AZ
• B.S. Exercise & Sports Science
• Former Collegiate Athlete
• Houston, TX
• 2 years coaching experience
• Mindset: If there’s a will, there’s a way


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After going to college and no longer having a sport as an outlet due to injury, Georgia began lifting as a source of therapy in her busy college life. It quickly became a huge passion as what was first finding balance, turned into creating her best self through intent with training and discipline. In July 2020 Georgia did her first bodybuilding show and never looked back. She has a passion for helping others learn to “Take Up Space” and work towards showing up every day to unapologetically create their best self. 

• NPC bikini competitor
• Grew up in southern Virginia
• 2 years coaching experience
• Will help you casually have boulders for shoulders 


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Growing up running track and playing football Jay always had a joy for pushing his body to it’s limits. After some unfortunate life events, Jay found himself falling behind so he got up and off his behind. Right before the pandemic he made it 136 days in the row to the gym and ultimately changed the course of his life forever. During this journey he discovered bodybuilding and fell in love. While both of his planned shows were canceled due to the virus, show or not the seed had been planted and pursuit of the infamous IFBB Pro card had begun. In 2021 Jay competed in his first ever show winning his class at the Dallas Europa. Since then he has earned his pro card and is working towards an Olympia qualification. Jay finds joy and happiness in helping other succeed and is the type of person to give you the shirt off his back. “A dream means nothing if you leave it on the pillow."

• Earned pro card at 2023 USAs in Las Vegas
• Buffalo/Rochester NY → Dallas TX
• 2 years coaching experience 
• Posing Coaching available

Jay Lane

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Being highly involved in both competitive cheer and gymnastics, Payton found herself looking for a way to stay active after college life.  Bodybuilding has been no foreign concept. She grew up in the gym setting watching both her parents lead healthy, active lifestyles. (Credit to her dad for the calves!) She has quickly fallen in love with the lifestyle and has embraced joining the fitness community full time. Payton had years of training experience and a true passion for the sport. She wants everyone to feel they are living up to their truest potential. Her biggest goal for you as her client would be to help you experience physical and mental growth through a positive mindset.

• NPC Wellness Competitor
• Boise, Idaho Resident
• Mantra: when your passion & your purpose align with your work ethic, what seems impossible becomes certain.

payton falash

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